Thursday, November 17, 2011

Flannery O'Connor

As a self-educated person, I've suffered from an embarrassing gap in my knowledge resulting from never having read Flannery O'Connor. I know, bad, huh? But it's never too late; am well into the Collected Stories now. Laugh outloud funny at times, of course, but also surprisingly dark.
And one of the (what 2?) books she wrote, "Wise Blood", was made into a movie directed by John Huston. I rented that from the library and altho' the movie was so weird and boring I couldn't get thru it, there was an incredible extra on the DVD; that is, the only known audio recording of O'Connor herself reading "A Good Man is Hard to Find", one of her most successful pieces. Priceless to hear that recording.
If you are an O'Connor fan, get yourself to the media section of your local library and rent that DVD!

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